The artist behind the name SUSO33 began to give form to the icon for which he’d later become known on the street, at the desk of an art college in North Madrid. It was the end of the ’80s. Graffiti was invading the minds of young people like him, hypnotizing with the message “‘you can do this, it’s in your hands”. And like many others, he enlisted himself in the war that would revolutionize the streets and underground scene in the capital, with the difference being that he had a prodigious imagination.

After passing through every level and style of graffiti, and after earning the respect of writers all over the world, his compulsive character wouldn’t let him conform with the ‘Getting Up’…he needed something more, needed to fine-tune his efforts so that he could satisfy the creative urge within, and this he formally presented to all of us, using as allies rhythm, words, and images, and leaving the path which he wanted to follow perfectly clear. From then until now, it has been his goal to tirelessly demonstrate in the International Biennials, Centers of Contemporary Art, and other notorious cultural events, his talent as an exceptional creator of the 21st century.


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