Tighten Up mixtape #03 – dirty fudge!!!

Tighten Up mixtape #03 – dirty fudge!!! by tightenup lisboa

dedydread mr.mute funk soul 45 goodgroove king atlantic chess tamla sirjj littlekids tightenup rythm&blues reggae lisbon mr.bird wackrecords supaflyrecords

mr_mute + dedydread = TIGHTEN UP! mixtape # 3 – DIRTY FUDGE!!! ::: STRICTLY VINYL

terceira fatia do bolo Tighten Up! dos mestres da cozinha funk mr_mute e dedydread. só ingredientes naturais, com confecção do melhor VINIL da colheita. todos os meses a sair do forno.


third instalment in the Tighten Up! monthly mix series by mr_mute + dedydread. dirty hot fudge grooves served on STRICTLY VINYL sweetness. may the funk warm even your coolest nights

more info:


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